Monday, 22 October 2012

22nd October 2012

Here is my blog devoted to the restoration of HSL 2552.

What is HSL 2552 I hear you say? Well she is a British Powerboat Company type 3 High Speed Launch.  She is the actual prototype that was built for the RAF before they ordered more.  She is a piece of history.

She was built in 1942, so she is 70 years old and she has had a hard life.  I came across her on a forum devoted to old war boats where she was for sale.  I have been looking for a larger boat for some time as I wanted something to keep me busy for a while and to retire to with my wonderful wife Karen, at which point we'll take her around the world.

This blog will chart the restoration of her, the problems, the solutions and I dare say the tears of restoring such a boat.

As you can see from the photos below that she is in a bad way, however she still floats and seems solid. Don't get me wrong its not all great, she lets a huge amount of water, part of her side was rotted that has been resting against the bank of the canal.